SimpleSafe is no longer available to purchase. Click here for further information.

Why is SimpleSafe no longer available to purchase?

Due to the ever-growing variety of hosting environments and configurations, the task of balancing flexibility with the strict requirements of a self-hosted, password storage application has become difficult to maintain for our small team.

While we would love to continue developing and improving our platform and provide a high quality product, we’re unable to dedicate the time required to continue to improve the product and ensure future releases will be able to cater to all our customer's varied requirements. As such, we have made the tough decision to remove SimpleSafe for sale and cease to actively develop the product.

The SimpleSafe team greatly appreciate the continued support and feedback we have received since the initial release of the product and wish to thank all of our customers.

We will endeavour to continue support our existing customers as required.

What are the requirements to run SimpleSafe?

SimpleSafe is a self-hosted application and will require web server access and a basic understanding of FTP (or Shell) and database creation. Regular database backups and use of a secure HTTP (HTTPS) connection is highly recommended.

Minimum Requirements: PHP 5.2.4+, MySQL 5.0+ and a modern web browser - Google Chrome 15+, Safari 5+, Mozilla Firefox 8+, or (if you must) Internet Explorer 9+. One click copy to clipboard requires Adobe Flash to be installed, but this feature is optional.

Is it a hosted app?

No. SimpleSafe is provided as a downloadable web application (PHP & MySQL) which you'll need to install on your own server. The installation process is easy and should take only a few minutes – you'll just need basic knowledge of database creation and a place to keep your files.

Is it just a one time fee?

Yes, SimpleSafe is licensed just like desktop software. All minor updates will be free for existing users and major updates (eg v1 to v2) will be made available to purchase at a discounted rate.

Can I import existing data?

Certainly. You can import data into SimpleSafe via a comma delimited text file (.txt or .csv) and even use your imported data to create the fields you'll use for the app.

Why do I need a user account?

Your user account is used to store your license details, access application updates and contact support.

Security methods?

SimpleSafe utilises a 256 bit encryption method. Each password has a unique private salt along with a master salt stored separately to the database. Only encrypted passwords are stored within the database.

What security measures I should take?

We highly recommend utilising a HTTPS connection and keeping regular database backups to make sure your data is kept safe and secure.

Use common sense – utlize secure passwords, never share them with anyone and only provide access to those necessary. Make sure the computers and servers you use are free of spyware, malware, and virus infections and ensure that file permissions are locked down.

Smarter, simpler credential management.